was created initially as a portfolio website to showcase all of the projects I created for clients from an array of professions. As the concept of Dominick's Barbering Academy started to be defined, it was clear that could play a much more significant role in DFOI. has been repurposed as the IT hub for all franchise, student and graduate software support for Dominick's Barbering Academy.

Current Status

Presently, continues to provide web development for businesses and individuals on individual and enterprise levels - which will remain a key component of the overall business platform. will also continue to serve as the development platform for DFOI as a complete organization. Once Dominick's Barbering Academy is fully operational, providing support fo all Academy features will be the core function of DomsWebDesign.   



Opportunities exists for exeptionally skilled developers, programmers and various IT professional positions. Opportunities exist for advertising, media and marketing professionals. Opportunities also exist for Development Agency profesionals.