Introducing PlusOne

I worked with world class chemists to develop truly incredible formulations that produce targeted results in Men's grooming/skin/shave. The bottles were completely designed and engineered by myself. These bottles utilize an airless pumping technology, geometry and functionality that did not exist until I created them.

The bottles have moved from the provisional patent stage, to full United States Patent and Trademark Office Utility Patent Pending Status. The PlusOne logo was granted an official USPTO Trademark as of May 2015.

PlusOne is a response to an industry that sees very little value in providing a solution for ethnic and Multi-Cultural Men's skin/hair/shave grooming procuct offerings. From design, formulation, engineering and functionality - PlusOne was born out of my vision and desire to not only modernize men's grooming products - but to do it in grand fashion. PlusOne is truly a revolutionary line that will shift the Industry landscape forever.



Current Status

PlusOne is currently entering it's funding stage, which will be immediately followed by manufacturing and distribution. This is key, as self investments of legal, engineering, ecommerce and technology have alread been implemented. More information will be made public in Q4 of 2017


Opportunities primarily exist for Investors. Social media promotion and campaigning opportunities exist. Marketing in print, digital and Filmaking Opportunities exist. Modeling opportunities exist. Professional athlete sponsorship opportunities exist.