The Academy

Dominick's Barbering Academy is a full featured Barbering and Cosmetology LMS (learning management system) platform. An unprecedented hybrid learning approach that focuses on self-paced learning combined with techniques that allow for an advanced, turnkey skill set upon completion. Dominick's Barbering Academy is designed to inspire barber/cosmo enthusiasts, students and professionals to exchange information and promote growth in our industry.

Featured Technology

welcomeStudents are provided module based curriculum from instructors of their choosing. Instructors can offer courses featuring their unique techniques and approach to the artistry and mastery industry techniques. This platform fosters a one of a kind marketplace for instructors to sell their courses and for the students to invest in their development. a win-win scenario. Dominick's Barbering Academy features:

  • Private student social portal for work collaboration and career projecting
  • Revolutionary job placement platform (forthcoming)
  • Fully supported graduate software including extendable online appointment booking, bookkeeping, and advertising software
  • And Many more features

Dominick's Barbering Academy will stand alone as the Industry standard educational model, modernizing how students learn, master and ultimately transition into successful professionals. 


Current Status

The Dominick's Barbering Academy model and headquarter location are now 100% completed. An ETA for Dominick's Barbering Academy deployment is tentevily slated for Q1 of 2017.



Investment and partnership opportunities exist. Opportunities exist for qualified instructors, former California Barbering/Cosmetology State Board examiners as well as current industry professionals and even youtube enthusiast. Opportunities exist for Educational enrollment specialists, Office Managers and receptionists. Opportunites also exist for traditional and Social Marketing experts.